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Greetings fellow Brethren, I am working on multiple projects for our Masonic Fraternity.
I look forward to hearing from you.


Location of All 882 Masonic Lodges in Texas on Google Maps

Texas Masonic Lodges: 0 - 344

Texas Masonic Lodges: 347 - 688

Texas Masonic Lodges: 689 - 1051

Texas Masonic Lodges: 1052 - 1369

Texas Masonic Lodges: 1370 - 2000

Texas Masonic Lodges: All 882

Now you can download the KML File's to view the Lodges on Google Earth &

GPX File's to view or get directions to the Lodges on your GPS Devices or Phones


Location of AFAM Masonic Grand Lodges by US State's & Worldwide


Google Calendar for almost all (756 of 882) Masonic Lodges in Texas


Google Calendar for Masonic District (65, 67, 68, 72 & 73)


Brother's Helping Brother's - BARTER


AFAM Mason's Group on LinkedIn Group


Masonic Lodge - Website Design, Development & Hosting Service


If you like my work and like to donate money for the hundreds of hours of work I have put in to develop tools and services.

Please click the link below. THANK YOU.

Coming Soon:

Masonic “Brother Help Brother” Site
o PAID SERVICES – Brethren are requested to list the services that they could provide fellow brethren “At Cost or for a small fee”

SWAP MEET (On-Line Garage Sale) – List ITEMS that you no longer require that could be useful to other Brethren. (E.g. Old Computers, TV’s, Old Software, etc.)

JOB LISTING – Brethren are requested to list Job opening & also the Resumes of fellow Brethren looking for a Job.      

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